Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bronson, Obayashi, and "Bananas, Bananas, BANANAS!"

This was sent to me by a Bronson-luvin' friend, and I needed to share it immediately. On a review of DEATH WISH 3, which can be found here (my own review of DW3 can be found here), a reader named Jason Pollock commented that he had just seen the film on the big screen with an Alex Winter Q&A afterward, and I quote:

"[Alex Winter] also told us that the dude who played The Giggler [Kirk Taylor] was in awe of Bronson, and wanted to chat with him – but not be a bother. So he saw that Bronson was sitting alone in a room off of the main set one day, and he calmly approached. As The Giggler reached the doorway and quietly said, “Hello, Mr. Bronson…” Bronson spun around on him and growled:


The Giggler lost the nerve to ever approach Bronson again."

Now I must say that I immediately scarfed down a few bananas in response to this, but I'd also like to propose the following wild theory: Bronson worked with Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi on a series of commercials for Mandom cologne. They apparently were friendly, with Bronson nicknaming Obayashi "Ob" and Obayashi even making vague nods to Bronson movies in his absurdist masterpiece HAUSU. Now, HAUSU contains a notable and notorious scene whereupon a man screams "BANANAS, BANANAS, BANANAS!" and therefore transforms into a tremendous pile of bananas. Is this perhaps a nod to to Bronson and his peculiar banana-luvin' ways? Did Bronson perhaps love bananas even more than he loved...chicken? Inquiring minds must know!


Anonymous said...

This is both a glorious and mildly unsettling story. Only Bronson could be such a stoic force, yet still he found time for explosive outbursts outlining his fine love for potassium-laden treats.

Brian Collins said...

This is awesome. Too bad Bronson and Obayashi never collaborated on a feature length film. House is a masterpiece. Perhaps Golan/Globus could produce? Could anybody handle that level of craziness?

Cadet said...

From Chuck Bronson to Alex Winter (S. Preston, Esq.) to ‘The Giggler’ to Nobuhiko Obayashi. This is why the internet was invented. This and porn.

Ya’ know, it would seem fitting if there was a connection between Bronson’s banana outburst and Obayashi’s....thingamajig-that-was-sort-of-a-movie. Considering the circumstances, your theory is of sound reason. And therein lies the rub: it makes too much sense. Ask yourself; how much more bizarre would it be if there was no connection, not even the slightest iota? – If Bronson’s banana rant and Obayashi’s featured banana metamorphosis were, in fact, two completely unrelated space-time events?

“Fanta, you’re fantasizing!”

J.D. said...

Bronson's outburst makes me think of that classic scene in WILD AT HEART with Crispin Glover nocturnal habits: "I'M MAKING MY LUNCH!" Very weird indeed. Good Bronson anecdote, though. That just about made my day.

GuyR said...

This is bananas, I'm speechless!

Sean Gill said...


Agreed. Also, I'm eating a banana right now.


I know- it's truly one of the tragedies of our time that "Ob" and Bronson never collaborated on a feature. I guess we'll just have to watch the Mandom commercials over and over and over again.


You're probably right– any attempt to rationalize their motives is likely an exercise doomed from the start. Though actually in an old Mandom review:

I theorized that Ob and Bronson actually penetrated the space-time continuum. As I wrote it, I think I actually convinced myself of it!


Ah, what a perfect comparison– I think you've hit the nail on the head!


I'm gonna say to you what I said to the guy at the deli this morning: "BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS!"

Dr. G. Meyers said...

Chicken's Good. I like Chicken.