Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Blast from the Past: Sean Gill's SLEEPY-TIME TIME

In honor of its five year anniversary (I can't really quite remember, though it didn't screen anywhere until 2009), I present to you another one of my short films, this one the first in four installments of the SLEEPY-TIME TIME series.

It is described thusly:
"A young man's dreams are interrupted by a ghastly spectre."

Originally conceived in one manic night as an installment in a series of jokey, eerie public service announcements, SLEEPY-TIME TIME took on a life of its own and has, thus far, spawned three sequels. Based on director Sean Gill's personal experiences with sleep paralysis.

I hope you enjoy!

Sleepy-Time Time from Sean Gill on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The face of the ghoul was amazingly horrifying. Loved it. Also watched Laughter is the Music of The Gods and enjoyed it too. May I ask what inspired the PSA aspect of the films? Were they all inspired by sleep paralysis?

Sean Gill said...


Very glad you enjoyed! As to the PSA aspect, I had been making a lot of horror shorts around that time and thought that it'd be sort of funny to add a message at the end, as if these films were really bizarro, roundabout ways of delivering perplexing public service announcements.
Often I made the film first, and then tried to think of the most counterintuitive lesson that one could take away from it. I made about six or seven, and not all were based on sleep paralysis. Later, I decided that several of the films actually played better "straight" all the way through, and removed the accompanying messages, but I still stand by the ones that remain.