Monday, January 21, 2013

RIP, Michael Winner

Michael Winner, a much beloved director here at Junta Juleil, passed away this morning.  
His best-crafted films include the original DEATH WISH, THE SENTINEL, and THE MECHANIC, but I think he'll be most remembered for DEATH WISH 3, the outrageous, incredible Cannon film that reigns over action movie sequels like a benevolent, chicken-loving monarch.  And his legendary multi-film partnerships with giants of cinema Charles Bronson and Oliver Reed shall not be forgotten.  Here's to you, Mr. Winner, here's to exploding juke boxes, mail-order rocket launchers, and dummies plummeting to their doom– your films have made this viewer very happy.  R.I.P.


Mike B. said...

Hear, hear. Well said. I was surprised to learn he was only 77. Here's hoping he's chilling with Bronson, dispatching creeps and making that great tenement building in the sky a little safer.

Sean Gill said...

Amen to that, Mike! And I, too, was surprised by his age– it's hard to believe that something as amazingly curmudgeonly as DEATH WISH was made by a man in his thirties.

GuyR said...

Ah, dammit! R.I.P Michael Winner.

While other sites talk about uninteresting shit, I get this piece of news from your blog.
I shall therefore use this blog for absolutely all my infomation needs.

Sean Gill said...


Good to see you! You'll have to let me know using my blog for all your information works out for you- perhaps the likes of Bronson and Ironside and Weng Weng will take on significance as major political figures?