Monday, July 22, 2013

Coming Soon: Crawdad-Lickin', Southern-Fried Sleaze-O-Rama!

So in the midst of the worst heat wave I've experienced in recent memory, the germ of an idea was born.  Three of the most recent films that I've watched happened to belong to the same subgenre:  crawdad-lickin', Southern-fried, sweat-soaked, sleaze-o-riffic crime dramas that are ostensibly serious films– some even Oscar bait– which are packed to the brim with home-cooked soul food, unintentional camp, and some of the most hiliariously perverse material ever to be shucked out of Hollywood.   So grab yer Cajun spices and hold on to your (crawdad-shaped) hats– this is gonna be a doozy!



Anonymous said...

Oh yes indeed, this is gonna be good!

gweeps said...

Killer Joe has to be one of them, right?

Sean Gill said...


Heh, glad to see you're psyched!


Actually, KILLER JOE is not one of the three that I watched most recently, though it certainly would fit this series perfectly. I get the feeling that I liked it more than the average filmgoer, and enjoyed Friedkin's shock tactics, McConaughy's menace, Gershon's hilarious sleaze value, and pretty much everything else!

Christi said...