Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The return of Michael Ironside... on eBay?!

Longtime readers of this blog know of my deep appreciation of all things Michael Ironside.  So you can imagine my shock/delight/jealousy upon seeing this fantastic eBay listing for the actual sword that Ironside used in the masterpiece HIGHLANDER 2.  

I've written about the glories of Ironside in that film before (albeit in the context of a tie-in movie beer commercial) as General Katana, the irritable, ratty-long-haired, possibly alien villain of the piece.  Now I'm desperately wishing I had the $9,500.00 necessary to make this obscure piece of movie ephemera from a notorious bomb my very own.

You gotta love lasher33's listing, though:

"Have you seen the "Highlander Katana"?  Of course you have...
Up close & personal probably, because there are so many copies out and about it isn't even funny anymore...
The Kurgan sword?
Strong & stylish & brutal & well... boring... (but that is just MY impression...)
There is, however, ONE sword that had it all: style, design, power, size and a nice twist...
Unfortunately, it was lost...
The battle was fierce, the clashes real and one after the other was destroyed until there wasn't any left.
Or so they thought... 8 were made, but only 7 were destroyed during the filming of the movie.
The sword Michael Ironside used in the fighting scenes of Highlander II: The Quickening has proven to be immortal itself.
Granted, the movie itself was erm... crap... and yet, the sword is the most powerful ever made. Period.
As far as I can tell, it has never been on display anywhere as I bought it straight from the guys that made it way back in 1991, right before the film was released.
Remember: "There can be only ONE!"

Anybody who bellows "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!" in regard to a HIGHLANDER 2-related eBay auction probably deserves your $9,500.00.

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