Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beverage Review: BLUE DIAMOND BEER (2005, China)

Stars: 2.3 of 5.
Maker: Blue Diamond.
Home Country: China.

In honor of St. Paddy's day- some beverage reviews.

So you're craving a Pabst Blue Ribbon. But you're not so keen on the fact that it's been appropriated by- for lack of better terminology- young people whose experience with PBR has not included drinking it out of a bowl like soup in the 1950's after a greasy, sweaty, long day's work at the factory. Well, I have got the scratch for your itch: BLUE DIAMOND BEER. And not to be confused with the actual Blue Diamond Beer, this one's from China, and its packaging seems to be the exact median point between PBR and Budweiser– possibly to escape the repercussions of international copyright law from either party? Does international copyright law cover the minutiae of beer can graphic design?

Note the odd, ribbon-style seal on the back.

Anyway, to make a long story short- no, I didn't drink it. It was five years old and its origins were murky. I popped it open (the tab was triangular, by the way) and the scent that emerged probably approximated what five-year old PBR would smell like, so I guess we can surmise that it's perhaps similar in quality to well-aged Milwaukee's Be(a)st?

-Sean Gill

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