Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The New York Theater Review says "the audience is arrested and seduced by a sequined circus of rigor morticized dancers and costume acrobatics," and of the my contributions: "music lovers will be excited about Sean Gill's sound design." Cultural Capitol writes "Of course it’s always better to watch someone else experience madness and murder than to experience it yourself, and that’s why we go to the theater! We play a game of 'what if' when we sit in the dark and watch as a little girl goes to Hell – literally. And that is why The Tragedy of Maria Macabre is so much fun." Of my sound design, they note: "The music, a blend of Philip Glass, Mozart, and the Tiger Lillies, is remixed by Sean Gill into a catchier, more upbeat version of Night on Bald Mountain." reports "We are truly hypnotized until the end, wondering where the storytellers are taking us and questioning if there ever is an ending to the menagerie of characters and situations." On my work, they proclaim: "Klein and collaborator Sean Gill put together a superb sampling of music to complete the dark and twisted world that Klein has created."

And check out the black carpet opening night of MACABRE, where you'll see yours truly hobnobbing with the rich and famous and heads of state and other dignified personages.

Four performances still remain– see the trailer and get the details HERE.

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