Saturday, December 31, 2011

Only now does it occur to me... BIG!

Only now does it occur to me... someone once knocked down Robert Loggia– and lived!

Annnnd... exit Loggia. But fear sweeps in his wake. Sure, later he plays 'Chopsticks' on a giant piano with his feet, but this is the man who so frightened David Lynch at his BLUE VELVET audition that he ended up casting Dennis Hopper, who seemed docile and wholesome in comparison. I'd bet anything that to this day, Tom Hanks checks under his bed every night to make sure Loggia isn't there, waiting.


J.D. said...

Hah. Nice. Yeah, I'm still scared of drinking orange juice after the Loggia ad. I'm sure the kid who co-stars with him in it is still traumatized.

Sean Gill said...

Thank you for reminding about Loggia and the OJ– I'd forgotten about it. ...Or perhaps blocked it out? Hard to say when Loggia's involved.