Thursday, February 7, 2013

Only now does it occur to me... THE AVENGERS

Only now does it occur to me...  that THE AVENGERS is not in fact a stupendously budgeted CGI extravaganza, but in fact a bizarre safe haven for unexpected character actor cameos.  

For example, in this scene apparently involving the "World Security Council" we are entreated to none other than Powers Boothe (SOUTHERN COMFORT, RED DAWN, EXTREME PREJUDICE, TOMBSTONE, U TURN, SIN CITY, DEADWOOD), Jenny Agutter (Roeg's WALKABOUT, LOGAN'S RUN, EQUUS, AMAZON WOMEN ON THE MOON, DARKMAN, CHILD'S PLAY 2), and Donald Li (not pictured– "Eddie Lee" from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN, ONE CRAZY SUMMER, SAVED BY THE BELL: HAWAIIAN STYLE).

They're fairly unrecognizable at first glance, but hey– they're still there.  And now we can partake in the vague satisfaction that the third highest-grossing film of all time has Powers Boothe in it.  It's not an actual satisfaction, just slight validation, like seeing your friend in a commercial or in an ad on the side of a bus.  I feel the same way about David Warner being in TITANIC.

Then we come to the major setpiece of the film– no, not the wholesale destruction of New York nor the opening of portals to dimensions out of Norse mythology– I'm talkin' 'bout Harry Dean Stanton, appearing here as an eighty-something security guard who encounters the Incredible Hulk:

Harry Dean Stanton:  national treasure and America's primo old man since the 1970s.  Needless to say, during this bit of the film, I had an enormous smile on my face.

Anyway, as to the film itself– it's big and dumb and overblown, but I enjoyed it far, far more than I thought I would, and not just because of the character actors.

(Final thought:  Thor should have been played by Dolph Lundgren.)


Jack Thursby said...

I'm hoping that Joss Whedon included Harry Dean Stanton as an in-joke. Remember Red Dawn? "Avenge Me!!!!!!"

Sean Gill said...

That is a fine point there you make, Jack! I wasn't even thinking about it at the time.

Anonymous said...

Cabin in the Woods(Joss). Ladybug Ladybug(now on netflix).

Cannon said...

You mention Jenny Atgutter without mentioning An American Werewolf in London from her resume? I might just steal your balloons.

"Final thought: Thor should have been played by Dolph Lundgren"

I think you mean Vincent D'Onofrio. Especially now.

Sean Gill said...


I did enjoy CABIN IN THE WOODS very much.


I apologize for the oversight, please don't take my balloons away!

J.D. Lafrance said...

Any film with Powers Boothe in it is OK in my book. Good to hear that he'll be back in SIN CITY 2.

Yeah, Joss stuck all those wonderful character actors 'cos he's a film geek at heart. I enjoyed the hell out of THE AVENGERS. Much more than I thought. He also delivered the best cinematic representation of the Hulk to date. No mean feat considering how the last 2 failed to do so.

Sean Gill said...


That is exciting news about SIN CITY 2. And though I've never been a diehard fan per se, I have to agree re: the Hulk as well.