Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lesser Lester Week

You probably know the work of two-fisted action master Mark L. Lester from films like COMMANDO, CLASS OF 1984, FIRESTARTER, and SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO.

Lester explains to Arnold that the proper pronunciation of "Jenny" is actually "Chenny."

You may even have seen his talents on display in deeper cuts like ROLLER BOOGIE or EXTREME JUSTICE.  Well, we're not going to be discussing any of those.  This is lesser Lester week, so prepare yourself.


Mike Bradley said...

(gets popcorn ready)

Let's do this!

Jack Thursby said...

Night of the Running Man?

J.D. Lafrance said...

Color me intrigued!

Cannon said...
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Cannon said...

Thespian Schwarzenegger pantomimes carrying a log. I can almost hear the late Horner's Caribbean steel drums.

Sean Gill said...

Mike B.,

I haven't seen it yet, but I'm hoping to squeeze it in––is it good?

Don't get too excited––some of these are pretty rough goin'.

I try to listen to the COMMANDO soundtrack at least once a month.

Jack Thursby said...

Yes, Night of the Running Man is pretty good for a DTV/Cable flick. Andrew McCarthy is strangely compelling as the lead - a taxi driver who runs off with some mob money - and Scott Glenn is "on fire" as the hitman sent to track him down. Most memorable thing about it is a torture sequence halfway through that I've never seen in another movie. It's not gory or anything but very wince inducing.