Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Only now does it occur to me... SEA OF LOVE

Only now does it occur to me... that not only does SEA OF LOVE offer the trappings of a kinda-mediocre-but-fun sex thriller in the FATAL ATTRACTION/BASIC INSTINCT/SLIVER/BODY OF EVIDENCE vein, not only does it feature Al Pacino and John Goodman as hot-doggin' detectives,
who prefer to work outside the system––much to chagrin of their straight-laced boss, John Spencer (of course),
not only does it feature an extremely young and quippy Samuel L. Jackson,
Credited in the role of––no joke, unfortunately––"Black Guy"

not only does it contain an absurd GODFATHER reference alluding to the restaurant cop-killing of Sterling Hayden,
Pacino: "What is she gonna do, confess? Shoot me? We're in a restaurant!!"

not only do Pacino and Ellen Barkin offer the most hilarious, post-9 1/2 WEEKS, food-related seduction scene this side of TROLL 2:
He was lookin' for Chips Ahoy 

She was lookin' for fresh produce, but then she found...

No, not love––she found...

Yellow bell peppers

Oh yes she did

No, we shouldn't, look at all this fresh romaine

Just waiting to go on a salad, perhaps a Caesar

not only does SEA OF LOVE offer all of these sublime and occasionally laughable joys, but it also, and perhaps most importantly, it depicts the best shower curtain of all time––
this beautifully whimsical portrait of rumba musicians who happen to be alligators. Said shower curtain belongs to hardboiled cop Pacino,
whose street cred has never been more crystal clear.


John Guedes said...

I always felt that SEA OF LOVE was sort of like dollar bin Pacino, so I never committed to watching it aside from brief, channel flipping viewings. Are you saying the shower curtain is worth the price of admission? lol

Ellen Barkin definitely earned her spot amongst the blonde femme fatales of that era (Madonna, Theresa Russell, and Sharon Stone also come to mind). I'm still harboring a boyhood crush from first seeing her in BUCKAROO BANZAI.

Sean Gill said...


It's a lot of fun if you're in the right mood––definitely in the SLIVER/BODY OF EVIDENCE camp moreso than FATAL ATTRACTION/BASIC INSTINCT, and between the shower curtain and the bell pepper seduction, I think we've met the price of admission. Also, Ellen Barkin's always great, I love her in BUCKAROO, especially.

gweeps said...

This film also has Tom Waits' excellent moody cover of the title song.

And another great b-thriller Goodman is in is called Fallen.

Sean Gill said...


Absolutely. And I'll have to check out FALLEN!