Thursday, October 12, 2017

CHRISTINE: THE MUSIC VIDEO (2017, John Carpenter)

Ah, a new John Carpenter music video never fails to cheer me up, especially when it's a miniature remake of CHRISTINE, and when it features Carpenter in a brief acting role as a ghoul/himself/an incarnation of George LeBay. (Also, this song must be one of Carpy's personal favorites, because he chose it as his encore piece when I saw him live in concert last year.)


gweeps said...

The movie Christine is one of the better King adaptations.

I hope somebody redos Pet Semetary.

Sean Gill said...


Agreed. And PET SEMETARY could definitely use an update; I enjoy the original on a certain level, but it's one of the weaker King adaptations in my mind.

Manny Fraker said...

I've had a feeling that Carpy particularly liked this theme ever since I saw Prince of Darkness (having seen Christine first)... go back and listen to the opening credits theme from P.O.D again... listen carefully and you'll notice the melody (if I have my musical terms right) is a reworked version of this theme. It's worth noting because it's the only instance I can think of where he so directly referenced a part of a score from one of his past, unrelated movies.

This video further supports that idea.

I saw Big Trouble in Little China when I was five years old and it first came out on home video, but it was seeing Christine about six or seven years later that made me a life-long Carpenter fan.

Sean Gill said...


That's a good call––I hadn't connected the Christine/Prince of Darkness themes before! I, too, think that Christine is underrated in the canon, probably because of the somewhat flashier films that surround it; at it's heart, it's more of a character study. Thanks for stopping by!