Monday, February 9, 2009

Coming Soon: GO-GO KILLERS!

I'm proud to announce that my latest play, GO-GO KILLERS!, is well under way and shall, under the deft direction and imaginative choreography of Rachel Klein, debut in May 2009. In the coming weeks, I shall post a video trailer of the show itself, but the following provides a brief synopsis and primer for the universe in which it takes place:

Presented, for your consideration: Manhattan, 2019. A Warming Catastrophe has parched and scorched and shriveled the outlying lands, isolating the borough- now even more an island than ever before. And not just an island, but a haven; a refuge for the corrupt and avaricious, whose power and wealth has, unbelievably enough, increased exponentially, largely due to the ensuing misfortune. But there is one thing to be feared by these people of unlimited privilege and egregious excess: strapping, violent, calculating go-go girl gang debs, roving the countryside in hordes, their sole purpose and fanatical intent being revenge: to maximize the suffering of the moneyed and well-to-do. Fates, Furies, Sirens, and Gorgons; their very names reflecting the almost mythological justice that they wish to purvey in an era that has none... their very existence has struck such a chord of fear amongst the affluent, that all young women in their presence must be shackled, chained, manacled, and locked up, for fear of brutal reprisal. It is into this world that must go; a world of prosperity, surfeit... and endless uncertainty. The gang known as 'The Furies' (comprised of the assertively resolute Electra, the unrelentingly steely Pandora, the charmingly clueless Godiva, and the newly transformed 'Bloody Mary,' née Marietta), in accordance with orders from their mysterious 'Queen,' is set to embark on a double-kidnapping and murder. Their prizes in tow (the childish, bumbling Eugene and the nefarious, materialistic Nelson), 'The Furies' must contend with rival gangs, internal struggles, and the Old Jersey Desert as they journey to a rendezvous with their exalted Queen. And it is at her retro-futuristic underground lair that the final phase of this epic struggle's endgame shall play out...

-Sean Gill

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