Friday, December 11, 2009

Next IRONSIDE week.

Everyone's favorite dog-biting Canadian, Michael Ironside, will receive no less than five postings in his honor next week, courtesy of yours truly.

And, as the first official Ironside week, it will not be focusing on his best known roles, so no STARSHIP TROOPERS, TOP GUN, or SCANNERS for you just yet- instead, I'll try to bring to light a few of my favorite 'off the beaten path' Ironsides (in addition to a few familiar ones). I hope you enjoy.

In the meantime, here are some of my past Ironside reviews:

VISITING HOURS (IRONSIDE in a pleather wifebeater)
EXTREME PREJUDICE (IRONSIDE in a nylon stocking)
TOTAL RECALL (See you at the party, IRONSIDE)


J.D. said...

Ironside kicked ass in EXTREME PREJUDICE. Thanks to your post on that fine flick, I finally checked it out and loved every Alpha Male second of it. Can't wait to see what films of his yer gonna cover.

Anonymous said...


Sean Gill said...

While unfortunately I don't believe that any of the films I'll be covering next week will be quite as amazing as EXTREME PREJUDICE (which is basically the pristine, flawless example of "Neo-Western" that resides in Plato's cave), they will at least all showcase Ironside's unyielding commitment to his gritty, generally sadistic roles. There's so many that I want to do, that there will surely be an Ironside week 2 down the line.

skeelo said...

looking forward to Ironside week!