Sunday, April 18, 2010

Next week is RUTGER HAUER week!

Road trips, necklace bombs, goatees, futuristic bloodsports, and great beer- it's all here during Rutger Hauer week....

(Past appreciations can be found here.)


GuyR said...

Nice, can't wait!

Oh, the news is pretty fresh, but did you know Rutger is going to be the Hobo in the feature-lenght adaptation of Hobo With a Shotgun?

That sounds like good news to me!

Source :

Sean Gill said...

I did just read that this weekend– I'm totally stoked! They should just dress Rutger up like a hobo, hand him a shotgun, let a feature-length improvisation commence, and it will be gold.

GuyR said...

Well I'm sure you saw this already, but eh, who knows?

(very) Early footage from Hobo :

Sean Gill said...

Wow! Had not seen that yet, and I'm elated. Looks kinda like 1990: BRONX WARRIORS, except with Rutger Hauer, and we all know how I'd feel about that. Thanks!