Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm pleased to announce that my latest film, a feature-length endeavor, will be going into production shortly, shooting on location in Brooklyn and Queens, NY. It shall try- though not through contrivances of pastiche- to revive the rugged, gritty traditions of no-budget New York filmmakers, giants like Frank Henenlotter, J. Michael Muro, Buddy Giovinazzo, and Roberta Findlay. I'm sick and tired of polished fluff, needless pizazz, and overproduced, so-called "Indie" cinema– I'd much rather return to robust traditions of old hobos kickin' ya in the balls, crushin' 40's over some poor sap's noggin, and eatin' a rat on a stick– raw. Fuck winking and nodding and light entertainment. Here's to bringin' back the EXTERMINATOR 2's and the DEATH WISH 3's of this world– (not to mention the ROLLING THUNDERs or THE OUTFITs)... and so I'll soon be presenting to you my revolutionary treatise on the ongoing battles between tenants and their landlords: SLUMLORD SHITHEEL SLAUGHTER.


J.D. said...

Sounds intriguing. Can't wait!

Sean Gill said...

Thanks, J.D.– yeah, I feel pretty good about it so far, should be a fun little shoestring shoot!

RogerT said...

Sounds pretty rad, man. I saw Street Trash and Basket Case based on your recommendations and thought they were great- so if this is anything like those movies, sign me up!

GuyR said...

I'm a 100% with you!
With such a great bouquet of influences, you can't go wrong.
Be the next Henenlotter!

Sean Gill said...

Roger & Guy,

Thanks for the encouraging words and long live BASKET CASE, et al.!