Friday, November 12, 2010

Cannon Films at Lincoln Center!

O boy, o boy, o boy–
Lincoln Center (in NYC) is presenting a Cannon Films retrospective from November 19-24, screening such legendary specimens of cinema as THE APPLE, BARFLY, RUNAWAY TRAIN, CASTAWAY, 52 PICK-UP, KING LEAR, LOVE STREAMS, OPERATION THUNDERBOLT, SHY PEOPLE, STREET SMART, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, TOUGH GUYS DON'T DANCE, and TREASURE ISLAND. All the details you need are HERE. (Unfortunately, DEATH WISH III, BREAKIN', EXTERMINATOR 2, DELTA FORCE, nor SALSA are on the programme.)

But the icing on the cake is this: Golan and Globus themselves, in person will preside over select screenings, as will Barbet Schroeder, Jerry Schatzberg, and a few others. (I guess G&G patched things up!) Clearly, this just made my year. I will be there at as many screenings as possible and I will be wearing my Cannon films attire- this is certain. But whether or not I will ask a question at the Q&A about G&G's storied '89 tiff and subsequent dueling LAMBADA movies remains to be seen. And did I mention that after THE APPLE screening, Golan is hanging out for a disco dance party? Get your tickets now: for those not in the NYC area– this might be worth a road trip.


Cinema Du Meep said...

I heart Cannon. Thanks for the heads up!

J.D. said...

Aigh, BARFLY!! Oh man, I wish I had the time and the $$ to attend that screening. To see that film in all of its boozy glory on the big screen. Very cool. I except a full report!

Sean Gill said...

I hope to cram in as many screenings as possible. I desperately want to fit in BARFLY- somehow it's slipped between the cracks of my Rourke and Cannon fandoms.