Thursday, May 17, 2012

Only now does it occur to me... TRUE ROMANCE (PART 2)

I'm just full of insight lately.  Full of something, anyway, I imagine.  Anyway, I wanted to add to my previous TRUE ROMANCE posting the essential intellectual observation that Gary Oldman's incredible portrayal in TRUE ROMANCE shares an inexplicable, mesmerizing parallel with Pete Burns on the album cover to Dead or Alive's SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM:


Jonathan Last said...

Ha, just goes to prove that True Romance is a veritable vault of random treasures.

You might appreciate my review proposing spin-off movies for the Scott/Tarantino classic's sublime cast of supporting characters:

Sean Gill said...

Very amusing. I think I'd want to see the Dennis Hopper film, above all. And technically, isn't INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS a spin-off of TRUE ROMANCE, with the Eli Roth character being one of the progenitors of the Saul Rubinek/Lee Donowitz movie exec?