Thursday, June 21, 2012

Further Praise for SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS

Photo by Michael Blase.
Graphic Design by Sean Gill.
A few more  press responses to SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS (a description of which can be found here):

Flavorpill says:  "[SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS] depicts two familiar worlds– the workplace and dreams– only this symphony in shadows is far more exhilarating and terrifying than the norm or even Freud... Klein's Sleeper and her pesky Shadows move gracefully through the realms of modern dance, burlesque, gymnastics, and Romantic-era ballet.  The erotic dreams may be too much for the delicate heroine, but they are stunning stage pictures that are a genuine and refreshing reality." 

The New York Theater Review says: "Rigorous and dangerous... I could fully relate to the experience of dreading sleep... the company of dancers, aerial acrobats, clowns, and contortionists take on many roles and costumes, each one more arresting than the last."

New York Nearsay says:  "Dive deep into the Bowery for this sexy, macabre performance... don't miss this one!" 
SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS runs for just one more weekend– more information is available here and tickets are available here.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Sounds like it's getting rave reviews Sean!

Sean Gill said...

Thanks for supporting, Maurice– yeah, we got some very good press!