Monday, June 18, 2012

The Village Voice on SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS

Photo by Michael Blase.
Graphic Design by Sean Gill.
Some excerpts from the Village Voice review of SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS (a description of the show can be found here):

"A lively and fantastical depiction of how we hide from our own issues, pushing them down in our daily lives until they have no other choice but to come after us in the night...  one of Symphony's greatest strengths  is its ability to depict a setting that's no so much unlike ours, yet one that's just cloudy enough to play with the performance's levels of reality...  a charming commentary on the pressures we hide from every day in our world– and the ones we discover with our head on the pillow."

SYMPHONY OF SHADOWS runs for one more weekend– more information is available here and tickets are available here.

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