Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Only now does it occur to me... HOME ALONE 2

Well, in addition to being a soulless, self-plagiaristic complete retread of the first installment, even down to geometric patterns that become imprinted upon Daniel Stern's forehead, only now does it occur to me... that the finest and most sincere moment in HOME ALONE 2 may very well be Tim Curry's intense and wholly spectacular shit-eating grin:

The shit-eating grin that saved Christmas

Also, it gets a few extra points for John Hughes-veteran Ally Sheedy's cameo:

And I must say that the levels of family-friendly sadism reach cruel and excruciating heights perhaps even worthy of the master himself, Lucio Fulci:
 Daniel Stern is agonizingly staple-gunned through a doorway in HOME ALONE 2... a similar manner to Olga Karlatos' agonizing run-in with a splinter in ZOMBIE 2.

Merry Christmas!


Mario A. said...

I just discovered your Blog.
I like your thoughts on "Melancholy horror". As I read your text, I kept thinking of Mario Bava's seventies' horror flick "Shock".

I like the similarity you found between Home Alone 2 and Zombi 2.

Greetings (from Barcelona).


Sean Gill said...


Thanks for the kind words! You know, I've never actually seen SHOCK, but it's been recommended to me on several occasions– I'll have to check it out.