Thursday, June 27, 2013

Junta Juleil's 900th Post!

I don't know, it kinda feels like a big deal.  That's a helluva lot of posts about stuff like Mandom aftershave and Carpy and Ironside and POV shots in Italian horror movies and Golan n' Globus and the Slater Factor and the Muscles from Brussels.

So, in celebration, here's a picture of Captain Ron, on the high seas:

A big thank you to all of my readers, and hope everybody's enjoying their summer!

Coming this summer:
More Van Damme
More Bronson
More Albert Pyun
Some Peter Weller
John Carpenter, Screenwriter
A Smattering of Brion James
Hell, Maybe I'll Resurrect the Top 100 Countdown
Other Good Stuff

If you have suggestions for my summer viewing, please leave 'em in the comments section below!


Jason said...


Congrats on the 900 posts!
It would be awesome if you could do:
–The Phantasm movies- I think you promised these a long time ago :)
–Amen to more JCVD - maybe Universal Soldier sequels?
–Masters of the Universe (and any more Dolph you see fit)
–Fulci: The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, etc etc etc
–Remo Williams
–Midnight Run
–a few more Friday the 13th movies!!!

Then I could die a happy man. Keep up the good work!

Francisco Gonzalez said...

Congrats, you run an awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Here's to 900 more!

gweeps said...

I check your site occasionally. You have a unique way of burrowing into the films that catch your eyes. I also like the layout. There's not too much scanning involved, which is a relief for my one good eye.

Love the focus on Bronson - can't go wrong there. Not enough people talk about the greatness that is Charles Bronson anymore. The Mandom commercials should get their own DVD release.

Speaking of releases, I recently discovered Crimewave was issued on BluRay & DVD.

Jack Thursby said...

Hey Sean, congrats on your 900th. Looking forward to more reviews.

Can't have enough Carpenter posts in my opinion so keep those coming.

Also, I love (and envy) your "Only Now Does It Occur To Me" posts too!

Mario A. said...

Congratulations, Sean!! It really is a great blog (and well written!).

I think you might enjoy "Cut-Throats Nine". A Spanish horror spaghetti western from the seventies.

See you!

J.D. Lafrance said...

Congrats on the milestone! That is truly awesome and inspiring as a fellow blogger and whatnot.

As for suggestions, I agree, can't go wrong with more Carpy!

I also second MIDNIGHT RUN! More character actors then you can shake a stick at.

Sean Gill said...


Thank you– I do plan on PHANTASM at some point, and I think you'll see some Dolph and Fulci in the near future.


Many thanks!


Thank you, sir– though I shudder to think how many years it would take me to do 900 more!


Thanks for the kind words. There will certainly be more Bronson greatness to come. CRIMEWAVE is one that slipped through the cracks somehow, but it's now in my Netflix queue.


Thanks, man– and I'll be hitting up some sort of obscure Carpy this summer– stuff like SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME, ZUMA BEACH, and EL DIABLO, though there still are a few big ones I haven't gotten to yet. Glad you enjoy the "Only now does it occur to me"s– they've been invaluable when I don't have enough time to post a full review.


Thank you for the compliment. CUT-THROATS NINE looks pretty ridiculous , and right up my alley!


Thanks, bud– and there's always an excuse for more Carpy!
And MIDNIGHT RUN's been in the queue since you published a review of it a while back– I may finally have to pull the trigger on it.