Thursday, June 6, 2013

Only now does it occur to me... MY CRASY LIFE

Only now does it occur to me...  that French arthouse director and Jean-Luc Godard crony Jean-Pierre Gorin's 1992 documentary on Samoan street gangs in Long Beach features the voice of accomplished character actor and quintessential 80s dad Richard Masur!

You'll naturally recognize Masur

from such films as STEPHEN KING'S IT, THE THING, LICENSE TO DRIVE, MY GIRL, MY GIRL 2, MR. BOOGEDY, HEAVEN'S GATE, BRIDE OF BOOGEDY, RENT-A-COP, RISKY BUSINESS, NIGHTMARES, THE BELIEVERS, MY SCIENCE PROJECT, and MULTIPLICITY, but he doesn't show his face here.  In the MY CRASY LIFE, he voices a snarky, fictionalized police dashboard computer which serves as a quasi-artsy and not-entirely-successful narrative device that acts as a sort of comic foil to the the gritty vérité.

Pretty bizarre, but there it is.  (And obviously any shortcomings in the computer as a narrative device ought not to be blamed on Masur, who does a fine job.)

Strangely, this credit does not appear on IMDb, but I'm here to confirm it for all you Masur die-hards out there.  Now let's go watch some BOOGEDY!

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