Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Recurring Series: Poor Man's John Carpenter

It is my distinct (dis?)pleasure to announce a new, recurring series for this blog which will probably continue, on and off, through the Halloween season and beyond.  It's name?:  "Poor Man's John Carpenter."
What, pray tell, does that mean?, you are probably asking.  Well, it's pretty damned broad.  It could mean the analysis of John Carpenter screenplays that were taken over by other directors and made for television (or worse), it could be book reviews of paperback novelizations of Carpy classics, it could mean ersatz HALLOWEEN and VAMPIRES sequels with which Carpy had pretty much nothing at all to do– yes, it could mean all of these, and more–  a variety of exciting and groan-inducing Carpy marginalia.  So put on your knock-off Ray Bans, don your unlicensed Michael Myers masks and take a trip with me to the land of "POOR MAN'S CARPY!"


Anonymous said...

This, folks, THIS, is why this is the finest blog on the 'net! Can't wait!

Jack Thursby said...

Awesome, looking forward to these. I'm working my way through the some Carpenter dregs at the moment.

Lowest point has to be Silent Predators - a 90s b-movie with Harry Hamlin that's apparently based on a script JC wrote with Tommy Lee Wallace back in the 70s. Anaconda it ain't!

Sean Gill said...


Well, thank you for the high praise! Hope you enjoy!


Glad you're looking forward to it– and SILENT PREDATORS is definitely going to be involved– I just watched it last week in preparation.

J.D. Lafrance said...

Will this entail further analysis of the greatness that is the Coup de Villes?!! ; )

Sean Gill said...


Sadly, I feel I may have exhausted all the publicly available Coup de Villes material with WAITING OUT THE 80S, the BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA music video, and their amazing appearance in THE BOY WHO COULD FLY. Though, I've never sat down and analyzed their material used in the background of HALLOWEEN. Hmmmmmm...