Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Gasping for Air" at Bewildering Stories

Submitted for your approval:  On the space station Olympia-6, the high cost of living (and breathing) forces hard-working men and women into desperate circumstances involving the "non-essential" organ trade and a new form of enslavement called Drudgery.

It's a new short story of mine called "Gasping for Air," published this week over at Bewildering Stories, and it's for you socially-minded sci-fi fans out there.  Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice! I blew through that thing in one sitting, which, believe me, is a rare thing these days! Usually, my terribly Internet-shortened attention span has me balking at even playing a 2-minute video. That was fantastic work; positively King-ian! If we could keep them from fouling it up somehow, I'd love to get Garris and Weber on board with this project!

Sean Gill said...

Glad you enjoyed, Mike– and it would be a dubious/hysterical honor to have Garris/Weber/et al. butcher my work!