Thursday, March 20, 2014

Only now does it occur to me... IRON MAN 3

Only now does it occur to me...  that in the new Marvel universe, political gain is directly linked to TALES FROM THE CRYPT seniority.  How else would you explain that the positions of President and Vice-President are occupied by the two actors who appeared in more TFTC's than any others?  That's right– we've got William Sadler (alumnus of 2 CRYPT episodes– including the pilot– and 2 CRYPT movies) as President:
and Miguel Ferrer (alumnus of 3 CRYPT eps) as Vice-President:
The only others who come close are Roy Brocksmith (3 CRYPT eps) who's deceased, and Cam Clarke (a usually uncredited voiceover actor on 3 CRYPT eps).

"Well now, Sean, doesn't that seem like a bit of a stretch to you, that a huge budget superhero movie in 2013 would give a damn about old Crypty?" is what you're probably thinking.  Well, allow me to remind you that this is a Shane Black film– and that his talented, criminally underused brother Terry Black wrote several episodes of HBO's TALES in addition to doing some dialogue work on its animated, kiddie companion series TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER.

Anywho– as for the film– it's far, far better than IRON MAN 3 has any right to be, and it's awash with Shane Black touches, from cultural snark to smartass kids to ludicrously self-aware action setpieces.  Here's hoping he's earned himself enough Hollywood capital (with it's $1.2 billion worldwide gross) to make another KISS KISS BANG BANG, or something like it.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Although that screencap of aging Ferrer looking like he's morphing into the captain Dann Florek from various Law & Order series is just a tad disconcerting! [I mean no offense to Law & Order -- the original series, of course -- which is the ultimate TV comfort food, and whose early seasons had some sweet late-80's grit to them, plus the Mike Moriarty factor going through the roof!]

Sean Gill said...

Ha! That's actually pretty eerily spot-on!

John Guedes said...

6 degrees of the Crypt Keeper, I love it!

Oh and the thought of another KISS KISS, BANG BANG (or something like it) puts a smile on my face. That was definitely some great pre-Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes era Downey Jr.

Sean Gill said...


Oh, definitely. I feel like Shane Black's just the guy to pull him out of his high-profile funk- he just needs the right project!