Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Only now does it occur to me... HELLRAISER III: HELL ON EARTH

Only now does it occur to me...  that it might be worth watching HELLRAISER III just for the "killer-CD slinging Cenobite" alone.  Does that require some explanation?  Okay, here goes:

After being killed by his own CDs, the L.A. surfer dude DJ at a posh n' yuppie club

is transformed into a CD Cenobite whereupon
 he removes deadly remixes from a tray in his chest and

flings them into cowering passersby.

That's simply well done.
A lot of people have problems with this HELLRAISER movie, calling it "the one where Pinhead becomes Freddy Krueger" or "the one where the series goes to shit," but I call it "the one that allowed me to accurately use 'deadly remixes' in a sentence."  That is all.

(P.S.– it's possible that those deadly remixes contained Motörhead's "Hellraiser" the rockin' closing credits song whose tie-in music video features a Lemmy vs. Pinhead playing card battle!


gweeps said...

Terry Farrell!

The first 3 movies are the best of the series. I did enjoy the others though, just not as much because they seemed to lack the decadence of the first few.

Loved that Lance Henriksen made an appearance in the last one with Bradley.

Speaking of that, I haven't watched the newest one. There is no other Pinhead!

Thanks for posting that video. The song is awesome.

Oh, and my favourite Hellraiser movie just may be #2. It's extremely creepy.

Sean Gill said...


I actually haven't seen past the third HELLRAISER. I intend to at least check out part 4 (cause it's in space!) and whatever part has Lance Henriksen in it. Thanks fer stoppin' by!