Monday, August 11, 2014

Only now does it occur to me... THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS

Only now does it occur to me... that 'Q' probably never invented anything more spectacular than "the ghetto blaster," a boombox that doubles as a bazooka:

It's also possible that Timothy Dalton might be the smarmiest Bond yet
 (a bold claim that I'm not yet willing to fully endorse).

And the fact remains that A-ha's title theme song can't touch Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill," though I suppose we can take solace in the consolation prize that is arms dealer and secondary villain Joe Don Baker, who has a wax museum of history's most notable conquerors.

Carry on then, boys.


Mike B. said...

Not so fast! I would assert that a-Ha's theme song is every bit as great as Duran Duran's, but we can agree to disagree on that point! In fact, I'm really quite overly fond of the two Dalton Bonds, I just think they're very solid -- I especially dig the whole "Bond gone rogue" element in "License to Kill" (Which also made for a third tremendous theme song in a row, thanks to Gladys Knight. Indeed, the way the "License to Kill" song fits into its credit sequence may just be my favorite intro of the whole series!). Unrelated side note: Hate to be a downer, but since I'm here on this site I must say, RIP Menahem Golan; he'll certainly be missed around these parts.

Sean Gill said...


Don't get me wrong, I love a-Ha, I just don't think anything could ever live up to the brilliance of Duran "DANCE INTO THE FIYAHHH" Duran.
I never saw LICENSE TO KILL, but it's on my list. From my understanding, it's more like a DEATH WISH movie than a James Bond one?

Also, thanks for letting me know about Menahem– I hadn't heard. That bums me out.

Mike B. said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on that one, I had just come from reading a surprisingly nice and thorough Golan obit on the AV Club when I posted that comment. And yes, "License to Kill" is kinda more like a (extra classy) Death Wish! I mean, it's a Bond movie with Robert Davi as the villain, which is just all kinds of awesome, and just in general I dig the smaller-scale, more up-close-and-personal type of conflicts it has going on, truly a unique Bond picture. Carry on!