Monday, February 2, 2015

Only now does it occur to me... GODZILLA VS. MEGALON

Only now does it occur to me...  that the clear highlight of GODZILLA VS. MEGALON, and perhaps human civilization to this point, is the moment when anthropomorphic, steel-masked robot Jet Jaguar holds back the arms of giant cicada Megalon so that Godzilla may effortlessly administer a lethargic, full-supine, tail-dragging high kick to Megalon's torso.  Twice.
I have preserved this moment for posterity.

EDIT:  In light of YouTube's desire to censor the glorious madness that is this 42 second clip from GODZILLA VS. MEGALON, I shall do my best to recreate it via screencapture.  You will have to imagine the Godzilla roar sound effects and rootin'-tootin', goofy, mock-heroic music yourselves.

Jet Jaguar and Godzilla regard their weakened adversary.

Godzilla nonverbally indicates that Jet Jaguar ought to hold Megalon's arms behind his back.

Jet Jaguar complies with Godzilla's request.

Godzilla begins a lethargic, full supine, tail-dragging high kick.

Godzilla continues his lethargic, full supine, tail-dragging high kick.

Godzilla lands his lethargic, full supine, tail-dragging high kick.

Godzilla then repeats the action using largely recycled footage:

and Megalon suffers the aftereffects.


Anonymous said...

Video block for copyright? Sigh, this sounded awesome


Sean Gill said...


I have amended the post to include screen captures, in light of the Winston Smiths at YouTube's Ministry of Truth rewriting the history of the Great Godzilla vs. Megalon war of '73.

Mike Bradley said...

This looks tremendous, indeed! While I'm here, and if you'll indulge a ramble, I want to throw out a little recommendation for the recent Liam Neeson vehicle, "A Walk Among The Tombstones." Operating on a much more understated, even appealingly TV-like level than things like his "Taken" franchise, it's quite the pleasant surprise. Hear me out on this: It has a not uninteresting 1999 setting, the persistent sensation of cool, crisp air encircling gray city streets, a couple of truly sadistic villains, and a spare, haunting piano score. Dare I say it, but this film verges on entering melancholy horror territory! (But, let's all agree to overlook the fact that, in a perplexing casting choice, the main heroin dealer character is played by "Downton Abbey's" own Cousin Matthew, Dan Stevens. I mean, they darkened his hair and gave him a little facial hair, but we all still know that this is not really a tough guy. He didn't survive Downton freaking Abbey, for cryin' out loud!). Still, though, I don't watch many current movies, but this was a good one!

Sean Gill said...


Thanks for the rec– I just threw it in the queue, I had wondered about this after seeing the ads, and I do dig a good melancholy action movie!

Sean Gill said...


I watched A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES a few days ago, and your description was pretty spot-on. Further pushing your "melancholy horror" theory was the fact that the kidnapped little girl first appears in a bright red jacket, which, in addition to everything else, seems to be direct reference to DON'T LOOK NOW. Though it took place in the 90s, I felt it was striving for a 70s vibe, with a humorless protagonist in search of solving a brutal problem (like GET CARTER, ROLLING THUNDER, etc.). I dug it.