Monday, February 15, 2016

Only now does it occur to me... VINYL

Only now does it occur to me... that the "Long-Haired Rocker"––on the left-hand side, in the orange and brown faux-silk shirt––bears a certain resemblance to the proprietor of this blog:

And indeed it is!  In July 2014, it was my pleasure to work as an extra in the Martin Scorsese-directed pilot episode of VINYL, which premiered last night on HBO.  It was amazing to witness the (then) seventy-one year old Scorsese ply his trade with the passion and energy of someone fifty years his junior.  (I myself could barely keep up after two consecutive seventeen-hour days.)  It was something of a magical experience (I even had the opportunity to briefly meet co-producer and FREEJACK star Mick Jagger), and in my rather biased opinion, I recommend you check it out!


Mike Bradley said...

That is a schweet cameo indeed!

Cannon said...

And, I must say, there is a certain "Council of Elrond" vibe in your performance. Also, between Scorsese and 70s music drama you still managed to work in a Freejack reference.

...can't take the trailer park outta the girl.

Danny said...

Yes, but did you meet The Diceman?

Sean Gill said...


Thanks, bud!


Thank you, sir--and I've never been able to resist a good FREEJACK reference.


Alas, The Diceman was not in my scene!

gweeps said...

Sounds like a blast! Another reason to give this one a try.

Sean Gill said...


Thanks, man!