Thursday, May 14, 2009

GO-GO KILLERS! named an Editor's Pick by Go! Magazine

May 8–30 at The Sage Theater, catch GO-GO KILLERS—a campy, stylized, choreographic, retro-futuristic performance that depicts the New York metropolitan area ten years hence, imagining the potentially horrific outcomes of both the current economic crisis and the global warming debacle. By “2019,” the gulf between rich and poor has been so widened that anything approximating the middle class ceases to exist. Hordes of stylishly violent women, comprised of go-go dancing gang debs, roam America’s underbelly with the intent to kidnap or kill each member of a list of the nation’s wealthiest citizens. Pulp entertainment takes the stage by a dancing storm!

You can see scans of the print version HERE (page 1) and HERE (page 2).

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