Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tickets Available for ESCAPE FROM STATEN ISLAND at The Staten Island Film Festival!

Picture, if you will, a young man waking up on a ship with no recollection of how he got there, or even to where he's traveling. This man is no stranger to the hangover. The black out. The bad trip. But this man is about to experience something he IS a stranger to, he will endure a crippling sense of déjà vu that will, like the worst typhoons or maelströms, show no sign of slackening. I urge you to enter this world and find out if it is indeed possible to ESCAPE FROM STATEN ISLAND.

Starring the powerhouse crew of Chris Cipriano, Jillaine Gill, and Stevesie Basedow, this fine film will be screening on the evenings of June 5 and June 6 at 9PM, and I will be present for a Q&A afterward on both nights. Tickets are $10, and are available HERE.

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