Tuesday, September 29, 2009

31 HORROR REVIEWS IN OCTOBER- Suggestions Welcome

In addition to updating you with details surrounding my forthcoming Halloween show STAGE BLOOD IS NEVER ENOUGH (which performs on October 22nd and 29th in NYC, details here), I'm going to try and squeeze in 31 horror reviews in the month of October. Your suggestions (in the comments section) are more than welcome, as I have a few that I'm definitely going to do (I'm going to finally grace you with KILLER WORKOUT, HUNTER'S BLOOD, NEW YORK RIPPER, and PHENOMENA, among others), but would love to hear some of your favorites. (The focus, along with that of my show, will be on 80's horror, but I should be running the gamut from silents to the present.)



Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D
Tales from the Darkside

Jason said...

Basket Case Trilogy!!!!

skeelo said...

80's horror:

near dark - bigelow

return of the living dead - o'bannon

day of the dead - romero

christine - j carpenter

re-animator - gordon

dead ringers - cronenberg

monkey shines - romero

the fly - cronenberg

non-80's horror:

nosferatu - murnau

the leopard man - tourneur

the tenant - polanski

Sean Gill said...

I'll definitely do BASKET CASE, I haven't seen the sequels yet but plan on checking them out this month.

Sean Gill said...

Nice, skeelo, I hope to do at least a couple of those. Gives me an excuse to rewatch RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, not that I needed one.

skeelo said...

31 horror reviews in October? We are so spoiled. Thanks for the reviews they are highly entertaining, though interesting too, hahhahah.

I've never seen basket case but now must, it's not on youtube argh...

Anonymous said...

sleepaway camp! The Ring and Ringu.
The Exorcist. Carrie.

Jimmy Boy L said...

i like your review of house 3 , maybe the others in that series?

some of the Romero 'dead' movies

more john carpenter

and one of those chuck norris "horror" ones like silent rage or hero and the terror

Sean Gill said...

Jimmy Boy,
I'll probably do HOUSE (and unveil my HOUSE drinking game), as well as maybe SILENT RAGE (which could easily be titled CHUCK NORRIS VS. MICHAEL MYERS).

I may try and fit in SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

And skeelo, thanks for the kind words, and I've been meaning to see THE LEOPARD MAN for quite a while- I'm a big Tourneur fan, and somehow this one slipped through the cracks, so I just stuck it in my netflix queue.

mattnath said...

greatest horror thriller ever:

not the crappy American remake, obviously.