Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sean Gill's SLEEPY TIME-TIME 4 Chosen by NewFilmmakers!

My new film, SLEEPY-TIME TIME 4: CRUISIN' FOR A SNOOZIN', has been chosen by NewFilmmakers and will premiere at the legendary Anthology Film Archives in New York City in 2010. A screening has been scheduled for 7:00PM, January 4, 2010 at the Anthology, and will cost $6. More details to follow.

The nefarious Doctor (Sean Gill) twinkles the ivories in SLEEPY-TIME TIME 4.

From the press release:
Set in a world of urban decay and restless nights, this fourth installment in the Sleepy-Time Time series pits our somnambulistic hero against vast, terrifying, undefinable forces which seep into our world through radiators and cracks in the plaster, slavering viciously as they dance their way into the very fabric of our dreams.

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