Sunday, February 6, 2011

R.I.P., Tura Satana (1938-2011)

It is with great sadness that I must note the passing of the legendary actress, dancer, vigilante, mechanic, police dispatcher, caregiver, choreographer, athlete, and survivor, Tura Satana. Quite possibly the toughest gal who ever lived, she overcame internment camps, gang violence, gunshot wounds, and even a marriage proposal from Elvis (she kept the ring, though) with a scowl and a smile– she took the worst the world could fling at her, and then she whipped it like a disobedient child! A titan of cult cinema, a personality of Homeric proportions, and, as she was so fond of reminding you, the first woman to kill a man on screen with her bare hands, it goes without saying that she'll be deeply missed. Furthermore, she was extremely supportive and an absolute sweetheart in regard to our play GO-GO KILLERS!, a theatrical endeavor that surely wouldn't have existed without her ever-commanding, ass-kicking inspiration. Rest in peace, Tura.


Tempest said...

Yes, RIP. She influenced many. Tairrie B Murphy, now of My Ruin, had a previous band named Tura Satana. You may know that Ms. Satana had a cameo in Rob Zombie's animated film El Superbeasto.

J.D. said...

She is a quite a woman! Any one who's seen FASTER PUSSYCAT will never forget her in that film... or any film she graced with her presence.

Sean Gill said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Supposedly shortly before her death she was trying to co-produce a documentary about her life story; I can only hope that they'll proceed with it, as her story is pretty damned incredible and begs to be told.