Monday, February 21, 2011

Dario Argento, Rutger Hauer, 3-D, and Bram Stroker to collaborate

I kind of don't see how this could go wrong.


Anonymous said...

For my own sanity's sake, this project can not fail in quality. After hearing today that Michael Bay might be remaking Rosemary's Baby, I need this for my faith in cinema to remain alive.

Space Cadet said...
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Space Cadet said...

Will Kristy Swanson be there? I hope so. Swanson and (Asia) Argento, together, doing something Italianingly perverse. And Hauer will turn into a wolf at night, and sword-fight Sho Kosugi by day. But enough of that… back to Kristy Swanson: I’m gonna go watch THE CHASE right now.

Sean Gill said...


I completely agree. But somebody probably needs to sneak into Argento's house, slap him around a little bit, and coerce him to use to colorful lighting and Italo disco again. In fact, maybe Rutger Hauer can do this.

Space Cadet,

I'm all for a little Swanson. I feel like people lose a little respect for me every time I doggedly defend DEADLY FRIEND, but what're ya gonna do. Kristy and Asia as Lucy and Mina? Anybody? Anybody?

J.D. said...

So long as Argento sneaks Udo Kier in there somewhere.

And will this mean that Asia Argento will play Mina/Lucy?

Sean Gill said...

I feel like he HAS to sneak Udo in there somewhere. And it would be sheer lunacy to not cast Asia. And how 'bout Dafoe as Drac? He's kinda done it before (SHADOWS OF THE VAMP) and there's the whole Abel Ferrara-Asia Argento-Stefania Rocca-Dario Argento connection.