Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Junta Juleil's Culture Shock's 1 Year Anniversary

Wow, I guess it's been a year since I first posted a review of STAR CRYSTAL and some plugs for my then-current show, SOMETHING WEIRD IN THE RED ROOM... Since then, I've posted 249 reviews, 129 of which were 80's-related, 102 of which were Horror-related, and 14 of which were Charles Bronson-related.

Thanks to the readers; to Rachel, Jillaine, J. Adam Carlson, and to skeelo, who was the very first follower of this blog! Now it's read in 110 countries across 6 continents, and in many, if not most, of those instances I'm sure it's clicked on by mistake.

To those readers who found my blog thanks to the following Google searches...

•burt reynolds salad toss
•stranded on desert island pam grier coffy
•sexy pregnant Ladies
•male bondage blogspot
•How to Drink with Nylon Stocking on Head
•charles bronson exploding coffin
•how to develop powerful fingers
•Toru Tanaka nude
•Chuck Norris black leather gloves
•bert reynolds freeze frame
•Gary Bussy and his big smile

...come back anytime, you're always welcome.

And here are a few of my personal favorite articles from the last year you might've missed:

Bronson vs. Eastwood: RAWHIDE: "DUEL AT DAYBREAK" (1965, Sutton Roley)
Television Review: THE PARK IS MINE! (1986, Steven Hilliard Stern)
Music Review: ZIP ZAP RAP (1986, Devastatin' Dave the Turntable Slave)
Television Review: THE LETTER PEOPLE, EPISODE 1- MEET MR M (1974))
Film Review: ENTER THE NINJA (1981, Menahem Golan)
Film Review: DEATH WISH 3 (1985, Michael Winner)
Music Review: LIFE AT THE OUTPOST (1979, Skatt Bros.)
Film Review: GHOULIES III: GHOULIES GO TO COLLEGE (1991, John Carl Buechler)
Beverage Review: BALTIKA EXTRA 9 (2008, Russia)
Music Review: ST. IDES MALT LIQUOR JINGLE (1992, Ice Cube)
Film Review: BULLETPROOF (1988, Steve Carver)
Film Review: STROKER ACE (1983, Hal Needham)


Anonymous said...

Congratson 1 year! It's funny/disturbing to see the search terms that people type in. I haven't posted in a while but I still read. The article that drew me in was Cousteau and Le Monde Du Silence. That review and Predator 2 are my favorite reviews; I rofl everytime. A couple things: 1. I recently saw Paranormal Activity at a midnight showing and you need to see it at the theater and write a review. 2. How about reviewing some TV episodes? I've been watching a lot of twilight zones and x-files episodes(bad blood). Lots of cool cameos. 3. Please review Manos The Hands of Fate and maybe Trick r Treat (2007).

-Dustin C.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you're looking for another beverage to review, my favorite beer in the world is Shipyard Pumpkinhead ale. It only comes out for a month or two around halloween but it blows the other pumpkin beers out of the water.

-Dustin C.

skeelo said...

this search "Chuck Norris black leather gloves" almost had me on the floor laughing

Hey thanks for the shout out Sean! I found your site via your netflix reviews which stand out amongst most on that site. I would send some to friends(without netflix) and they demanded I send them more! Now though, they have this site to check on.

Congrats on the 1 year achievement, please continue! And I like Dustin C.'s recommendation for a Junta Juleil review of Manos: The Hands of Fate!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your stuff is great. I wish I could see some of these plays you're always talking about. My personal favorite reviews are Extreme Prejudice and anything with Robert Mitchum, Stallone, or Chukc Norris. I'd like to see you review They Live, Over the Top, Cobra, Scanners, Terrorvision, or Brain Smasher- a Love Story. Keep up the good work and thanks!


GuyR said...

Happy Birthday! Chicken's good!

Sean Gill said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

Dustin, I've been meaning to check out Paranormal Activity; I've heard some great things. I hope to do some episode reviews soon, maybe starting with the Twilight Zone's "Two," which combines two of my favorite things- Rod Serling and Charles Bronson. I saw some Shipyard at Whole Foods the other day and may have to pick some up. And I think Manos may be in the cards, but I also have to remember that that would entail me rewatching it, and I already STILL have Torgo's theme stuck in my head from the last viewing.

Yeah, I'm really wondering what exactly the Chuck Norris black leather gloves guy had in mind, but it's probably best not to think about it.

Eric, I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a few, if not most of those requests in the coming months. I see that you like Chuck Norris. Perhaps you also like black leather gloves?

GuyR, chicken IS good. I like chicken.

Austin said...

Happy birthday, you sick son of a bitch. Your blog deserves a big Bussy-worthy smile.

Anonymous said...

Sean, I'm more than happy you've reached your 1 year milestone. Your movie reviews and commentary are among the funniest and most genuine that I've encountered on the net. I look forward to many more to come.

I first saw your writing at Netflix and I enjoy coming to your blog for the full reviews with pictures. Speaking of Netflix, there are a few Euro horror/exploitation flicks that have hit DVD in the past month or so that I'm curious about. I've got them in my Queue but haven't rented any yet. Have you heard anything about them or seen them?

Night of Death! (dir: Ralphael Delpard)
Island of the Fishmen (dir: Sergio Martino)
Dinner With a Vampire (dir: Lamberto Bava)
Mafia Connection (dir: Camillo Bazzoni)
Until Death (dir: Lamberto Bava)

Sean Gill said...

Thank you for your kind comments.

Those Italian flicks are on my radar, but I haven't seen any of them yet. I've heard a few good things about NIGHT OF DEATH! and MAFIA CONNECTION. It seems like more people have actually seen ISLAND OF THE FISHMEN, but the reviews seem pretty mixed. I do like the looks of the combo of Sergio Martino and a Euro-slumming, deflated Joseph Cotten.

But generally in the final throes of deciding what movie to watch, I generally choose the [insert terrible, lesser-known film in the Castellari or Fulci canon] over the [insert terrible, lesser-known film in the L. Bava/Mattei/Martino canon]. Still, I'm sure I'll be checking these out at some point.

HKFanatic said...

[I left the previous Anonymous comment]
I'm with you there, although I have to say that Sergio Martino's "The Case of the Scorpian's Tale" is probably one of my favorite giallos. I have a review of it on Netflix as HKFanatic. It's probably been almost 3 years since I've seen it but I remember being quite taken by the film.

The other 2 Martino movies that I've seen (Your Vice is a Locked Room, All the Colours of the Dark) didn't impress me nearly as much. I can vaguely recall trying to watch Torso while I was half asleep but the less said about that, the better.

You're right, most of the Lamberto Bava movies I've seen have been pretty weak but I'll always have a special place in my heart for Demons 2. I like to think that the scene where Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni turns into a demon at her birthday party and begins slaughtering her friends just after they were dancing to The Smiths was some kind of incredible metaphor for adolescence. :P

Sean Gill said...

Ah, good to hear from you, HK. That's a nice review. I enjoyed (and I frequently use the term rather loosely) Martino's 2019 AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK and what I saw of his Mitch Gaylord/Donald Pleasence vehicle, AMERICAN TIGER. I never saw SCORPION'S TAIL and have indeed been meaning to, unfortunately it looks as if it's 'save only' on Netflix, so I'll have to rent it elsewhere I imagine.

Ole Lamberto is a mixed bag, and I totally agree with you on DEMONS 2, which I got a huge kick out of, but wonder how much of the quality comes courtesy of our man Dario. I've been encouraged to check out BLASTFIGHTER, which sounds amazing:

and long ago saw MACABRE, which I seem to remember enjoying (it was probably the second film in a late-nite hazy double-feature) and would like to revisit it soon.