Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My new show opens this Thursday in New York City! It's a classic 80's horror portmanteau in the vein of CREEPSHOW or TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, and features ten pieces, each paying homage to one or more 80's horror films. Details are below– I hope those of you in the NYC area can make it!

OCTOBER 22 & 29 @ THE DUPLEX @ 9:30PM
2 Performances Only!
$8 in advance, $10 at the door--for reservations please go HERE.

Praise for my work:

"[Sean Gill] is an imaginative, experienced playwright filmmaker [with] apocalyptic vision."

"A brilliantly integrated piece, moving from live action, to impressions of video playback, to fantasy (or nightmare) cycles by way of key lighting and music changes which trigger the audience’s subterranean understanding without missing a beat. Gill’s dips into the surreal are masterful, while surface dialogue, humor and character quirks seem perfectly natural and coexistent as well."
-OffOffOnline on AENIGMA

"Pure Grindhouse...with perfect B-movie dialogue."

"[Sean Gill] feeds on the visual language of film... [and] shows a savvy awareness of our stock skepticism, focusing instead on how a story is told."

For most of the show I was either slack-jawed in disbelief or doubled over in giddy giggles."

"Deep into left field," "daring," and "inject[ing] theory into the weirdness"
Blogcritics on AENIGMA

"Macabre," "unpredictable," "perverse," and "a parody of an original that has never existed!"
-OffOffOff on AENIGMA


STAGE BLOOD IS NEVER ENOUGH is a a theater spectacle paying tribute to the horror films of the 1980's, integrating the talents of actors, dancers, clowns, and burlesque artists into a cohesive evening of creepy comedy and eccentric tragedy:

A glittery, glam rock retelling of the myth.

(Desmond Davis' CLASH OF THE TITANS)

•••A Doll’s House

An abusive mother finds that retribution can come clothed in… porcelain and petticoats!

(Tom Holland's CHILD'S PLAY and Stuart Gordon's DOLLS)

A reinterpretation of the Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees saga, as realized through an epic burlesque catfight between The Luvely Rae and Kristen Lee.
(Wes Craven's A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and Steve Miner's FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III in 3-D!)

•••What’s in the Basket?
In them days, folks’d come from miles around and pay a pretty penny to see what was inside my basket…

(Frank Hennenlotter's BASKET CASE)

•••Feel The Burn

It’s Jazzercise time! But be careful—you might get a Killer Workout!
(Lucio Fulci's MURDER ROCK and David A. Prior's KILLER WORKOUT)

•••After Prom
It’s Prom Night and the kids are getting wild—dead wild.
(Paul Lynch's PROM NIGHT)

•••Feed my Frankenstein
A lonely Dr. Man Candy builds himself the perfect woman—only he built her out of very, very bad parts!
(Frank Hennenlotter's FRANKENHOOKER)

•••Unhappy Campers
Anybody who says Summer Camp was all just fun and games is a goddamned liar!

(Robert Hiltzik's SLEEPAWAY CAMP)

•••Space Invaders
Mysterious visitors from another planet bring a lot of Kotton Kandy, but not a whole lot of Klass!

(John Carpenter's THEY LIVE and Stephen Chiodo's KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE)

•••Blood Lust
A new wave nightclub filled with beautiful vampire vixens—but look out—they’re deadly!

(Tony Scott's THE HUNGER)

STAGE BLOOD IS NEVER ENOUGH will play at The Duplex (61 Christopher Street at 7th Ave South) Thursday, October 22 & 29 at 9:30pm. Tickets ($8 in advance, $10 at the door) are available online at www.theduplex.com

STAGE BLOOD IS NEVER ENOUGH features works by Sean Gill, Libby Emmons, and Rachel Klein, directed by Rachel Klein, Sean Gill, Jillaine Gill, and Joe Stipek.
Performed by Jillaine Gill, Sean Gill, Elizabeth Stewart*, Michael Porsche, Brian Rubiano, Preston Burger, Michele Cavallero, Meredith Dillard, Veronica Vroom!, Megan O’Connor, Kari Warchock, the Luvely Rae, Kristen Lee, Danielle Marie Fusco, Marna Kohn, Freddy Mancilla, Abigail Hawk*, Dana Perry, Robyn Neilsen, Beau Allulli, Rob Richardson, Josh Hyman, and Sapphire Jones.

*Appearing Courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Production Manager: Marina Steinberg
Makeup Design: Anita Rundles
Sound Design: Sean Gill
Costume Design: Rachel Klein and Jillaine Gill
Prop Design: Michael Porsche, Josh Hyman, and Joe Stipek


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