Friday, February 5, 2010

Next Week is Michael Ironside Week... TAKE 2!

Next Friday is Michael Ironside's birthday, so in celebration of 60 years of Michael Ironside, I shall devote another week to the man and his work.

Hey! Where'd he get that schweet Junta Juleil T-Shirt?!

We're gonna delve deep into his psyche. Next week, we're gonna find out what makes Ironside tick. We're gonna study his writings. His zaniest performances. More Nicholson connections. How he reacts when he's working with a pisspoor director. We might even get to see 'Mike' Ironside with hair.

HIGH-BALLIN'- era Ironside.

Actually, I take that back, we might not have time for that. I'll be too busy working on brand-new Ironside fanfiction.

So I hope you'll join me for another week-long journey in cruelty, toothy leers, bone-crushing brawls, lost limbs... and some of the greatest performances of all-time.

Side note– if anybody- ANYBODY- can aid me in acquiring a copy of Ironside's award-winning play THE SHELTER (which he penned as a teen), I would be forever in your debt (and it would truly be a jewel in the crown that is Ironside week).


J.D. said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm always up for celebrating the man, the legend that is Ironside!

HK Fanatic said...

F yeah! Can't wait.

It still cracks me up how much that kid that played young Ironside in Prom Night II actually looks like him...though not quite as handsome as "Mike" Ironside over there, of course. ;P