Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Junta Juleil's Sean Gill in Kevin Moore's PLAGUE OF THE PSYCHIC DEAD

The following is a fun little zombie short film from last year directed by my friend, Kevin Moore, which has been featured in the 'Director's Circle Festival of Shorts' and just now has hit YouTube. I appear, not as myself, but as some other guy who happens to be named Sean. Clad in a 'Kentucky' t-shirt, my thespianic talents ratchet the tension to a level some faint-of-hearts might classify as 'simply overpowering.' Also appearing are Simon Siegel, Jamie Almeleh (who plays my pretend sister), Jake Kedzierski, Chris Brancato, Tricia Moore, and (recognizable to Junta Juleil diehards) my real sister, Jillaine Gill. It features cinematography by Chad Coates and was co-produced by the elusive J. Carlson. Without further ado:

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Tempest said...

I did not realize that was you until you stood up and I could see the shirt. I guess the pics on your site are not recent (hair length!)