Monday, May 23, 2011


A few of the highlights of HOLY CUCKOOS WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY LIFE, captured vividly by amateur photographers.

Jillaine Gill (left) and Meghan Holland (right), contemplate their impending doom in "Chainsaw Alley's a Helluva Place to be at 3 O'Clock in the Morning, or at Any Other Time."

I meet my demise at the hands of the diabolically cuckoo Jake Thomas (left) in his short play, "Absolutely Cuckoo."

The Preacher (Don DiPaolo) energizes the crowd in "A Sermon."

I regale the reluctant spectators with a dramatic reading from CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE #100: THE WORST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

(From left) Robyn Nielsen, Danielle Marie Fusco, and Abbie Hawk confront the jazz-dancing slasher in Rachel Klein's "Killer Workout."

Peaches (Eden Foster) is worshiped by Robyn Nielsen and Jose Ramos as a dejected, pantsed Chris Cipriano looks on in my short play, "Peaches."

I'm all out of quarters; the machine bests the man. From "Hyperspace," my tortured performance piece on the frustrations of arcade games.

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