Friday, May 6, 2011

Join Junta Juleil's Hall-O-Fame

Holy banana-luvin', Ghoulie-schlerpin', Stroker-Acin' booger bits! What in the sweet name of Golan and Globus is everybody getting so worked up about?!

Ahhh, I see– I guess Sean got his shit together and added some kind of followers tab up there to the right, aptly named 'Junta Juleil's Hall-O-Fame.'

So repent, convert, and follow, lest Lance Henriksen shove a flaming piece of barbed wire betwixt your butt-cheeks or force you to watch six Full Moon Pictures in a row or some other such abominable fate...


J.D. said...

Ah, can't go wrong with Mrs. Palmer herself Grace Zabriskie making a career out playing certified wackjobs. Sheryl Lee also does some world class screaming/scared faces in FWWM.

GuyR said...

It's my car!